What makes a good social list?

At Listly, we have seen plenty of lists made by people from different walks of life.  Some of the list creators have a huge following.  Other not as much.  Some lists get immediate engagement and evolve quickly.  Other lists get great traffic from organic SEO and evolve slow but strong as visitors consume and contribute to the list. 

So, what makes a good social list?

It’s more than a list

A good social list is as much a poll as a list.  Since it’s a list, the goal is not to identify a single winner.  The top 5, 10, 20, or 50 are in “good company”.  It’s important to keep the engagement along the same vein.

Nominate Speaker for the Nines is a poll to identify potential speakers for the NINES conference.  The list grew from 10 to 450 within a few weeks with contributions from a crowd of 5000+.

It’s curated by the crowd

The creator of the list is the guardian angel, but it’s the curators (anybody that contributes items or votes) that give the list the social status.  A list curated by one is an opinion, but a list curated by the crowd is a reflection of the community.  These lists are more accepted by the community.  Consequently on Listly, we give the status of a curator to anyone that contributes to the list.

Tools and services for a lean startup is a list of tools curated by the lean startup community.  There are 150+ tools contributed by 500+ curators and 2000+ reactions.  It is also #1 on Google search result for lean startup tools

It’s an industry reference

A good social list has the potential become the reference for the industry.  It gets mentioned in conferences, forums, and blog articles by more than just the creator of the list.

The ITSM tools list is pretty much the “industry reference” for ITSM tools.  It gets continuous traffic from LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages and organic Google SEO.  It is also #1 in Google search result for ITSM Tools in many geographies.

What’s your list?

What would make a good social list in your area of expertise?  How will your crowd react and contribute?  Try making a social list at http://list.ly.

Shyam Subramanyan (13 Posts)