Big Social Spaces: Amplification = Content x Community x Engagement

Are you seeking the keys to the Social Media kingdom? Dreaming of overnight success? Not wanting to burst your bubble, but there are no quick answers. Everything takes time, so don’t leave anything to chance.

Getting ahead in Social Media is about not abandoning the basics. It’s about creating social space. Lots of it. Make sure that later you aren’t waiting for something you could have begun investing in earlier. No room for ‘or’s in this equation. This is a game of ‘and’s! Content AND Community AND Engagement. Create yourself space, so you have room to operate.

My Formula for Social Media Success is based on creating social space

Social Space = Content x Community x Engagement

Do it right on all three dimensions and this becomes

SocialSpace = Great Content x Large Community x High Emotional Engagement

How would you grade your self/team between 1-100 on these dimensions?

  • Great Content
  • Large Community
  • Emotional Engagement

Your potential (or Social Space) is capped by your weakest dimension.

Being great on any one or two dimensions is not enough.

  • Great Content is key, but without a large Community, you cap your reach.
  • Large Communities are great, but numbers don’t count, you need engagement.
  • High Engagement and a big community require your own content or you drive traffic elsewhere.

You need all three. So what are you doing to make sure that’s the case? Who’s building your community? Who’s growing your engagement? Who’s creating your content pipeline?

If you can’t name these people, I argue you have problem. What say you?

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.