Three Reasons Lists Make us Come Back for More: The ROI of Lists

Lists = Eyeballs. Lists make us look. Lists grab attention. That’s why Journalists love lists. That’s why Bloggers love lists. Time and time again, the top blog posts are lists posts( based on Page Views per Post). That’s why…

30% of posts use lists to tell their story

So why is it people can’t resist lists? How has such an idea transcended modern times? How come journalists and bloggers haven’t killed the consumer’s willingness to read lists?

How come consumers, like you and me, haven’t got bored of lists?

Why do we keep clicking and reading list posts?


Lists offer a high return on investment(ROI) for the reader. Or to offer a shorter expression,  Return of Lists (ROL) is high.


Three Reasons

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The Return on Investment of Lists #ROI Return on Lists #ROL


Lists prove to us we are smart.

Apr 26, 2012
Lists prove to us we are smart.

We read lists on topics we already know about or are already curious about. If we love sports cars and we see "12 Sports Cars to Drive before you die", we immediately think we'll know the answer. So we read the list to prove we know our stuff


Lists make us smarter

Apr 26, 2012
Lists make us smarter

Say I'm reading a list of "Top 10 Japanese Fantasy Novels", because I love these novels . I discover a new book I'd love to read. The list made me smarter. The list filled in a gap in my knowledge.


Lists are highly skimmable

Apr 26, 2012
Lists are highly skimmable

To prove we know what we know or to fill in the gap takes seconds. So lists leave us smarter. They make us feel good for a very small investment of time.

Lists are snack food. Lists are fastfood for the brain (measured in IQ points not calories)

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To prove our smartness, or to fill in the gap, takes seconds. So lists leave us smarter. Lists are gratifying. Lists give you feedback. Lists make us feel good for a very small investment of time. Lists are rewarding. Lists speak to our interests and passions. Lists evoke emotion.

The bottom line Lists offer a great emotional return on investment. The return on Lists is high. Lists prove we are smart. Lists Make us Smarter. Lists are a Win-Win experience. What say you?

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