Blog Integration for Listly

Integrating Listly into a Blog is conceptually very simple. You simply need to embed a list inside a blog post or a web page. Embedding is a rising trend. Embedding is highly utilized and supported on many platforms. There are a few exceptions, so let’s explore.

First a quick paragraph on Script Tags vs iFrames

iFrame embeds are typically fixed in both height and width, just like when you embed a Youtube video. The full featured Listly embed is based on the script tag. This allows Listly to dynamically adjusts to the width of the main column of your blog and use as much vertical space as there are number of items in the list.

As your audience interacts with the list on your blog such as adding an item, Listly can dynamically grow right on your blog without a page refresh – perfect for the list metaphor.

There are three approaches to integrating Listly into your blog. I’ve listed them in order of preference

  1. Blog Platform plus SEO Centric-Plugin
    • Today we only have one plugin in this category. We’ve begun with WordPress for obvious reasons. Dominance. Building equivalent plugins for other fully featured blogging platform is totally feasible. It’s simply a matter of prioritization and demand.

      A quick SEO lesson in case you didn’t know. For SEO purposes, Google ignores the content inside script and iframe tags. So when you embed content in blog with script or iframe tags it brings no SEO value from the embedded content, but the Listly WordPress plugin changes that.

      To ensure your receive full SEO value for your content the blog platform our plugin renders a full text rendition of the list to search engines..The javascript interactivity is only added to give users the interactive experience that is Listly.

      • Self-Hosted WordPress (Follow the link to the plugin.)
      • You will need to apply for a publisher key here
  2. Blog Platforms with Script Tag support
    • Any blog that allows you to embed third-party script tags inside a post of a page can use this approach.

      On the list page your will see a script tag. Simply past this into your blog post

      Blog platforms that typically supports third-party script tags

      • Expression Engine
      • Tumblr
      • Moveable Type
      • Joomla (it does have system option to disable Script Tags)

      Blog Platforms with no Script Tag support

      • – They disable script Tags
      • – Since they have been acquired by Twitter its hard to predict the future of Posterous. If it grows into a more main stream platform, then i’m sure it will support script tags. If it doesn’t grow then no doubt you are rethinking your decision to use Posterous. Nobody wants to be on a platform that isnt growing or receiving R&D love.
      • (Dynamic Mode) – This is very much a new platform and as such does not yet support script tags. Here’s a post listing 10 reasons why not to use it. We support this view.

      So for people who are on these platforms, we have option 3

  3. iFrame Solutions
    • We don’t recommend the use of IFrames. iFrames can bring you no SEO value. Our iframe feature exists only to ensure blogs that don’t support script tags. iFrames are fixed in size and lists are dynamic, so iFrames are not well suited to list of variable length.

      Today we have a singe iframe option to list only the header information and the header metrics. Here’s an example

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