Got a Killer Gamification App? Join the Stars & Play to Win

All gamified out? I hope not! When gamification people play at their own game, it’s too cool not to share. Read on for 10 points and a level up. Kidding!

It’s ok, there will be no votes taken while reading this post.

This past week I’ve had the pleasure of being in the centre of the perfect gamification storm. I’ve been inside the tornado watching GSummit’s Gamification Awards Kick Off live on Listly.

I think this is more of a marathon than a sprint and we’re far from done. Nominations & voting end at 3am EST on June 8th, 2012. So there’s still time to have your say or suggest your killer App!

We’ve seen people swarm to sign up and vote for their favorite applications and we’ve seen people leveraging Listly’s embed feature to take their story to their audience on their blog in their words.

Here’s an example from GameMaki and Bunchball.

There’s 6 awards up for grabs. The 6 lists have been viewed 18,000 times in total so far. That’s a moving target. You can see the live numbers below or here on Listly.

So far the top list has been viewed +5k times, with +1k and +750 curators. That’s quite a crowd building. It’s also been embedded 4 times.

Best Consumer Facing Application

The most embedded list at this point is this list.

Greatest Impact on Gamification

Here’s a snapshop of the 5 embeds (click on “Embeds” for the live data). Notice how you can see both the views and the engagement. So we can compare crowds. So can you as the data is public.

This list has been viewed 3381 times as of writing this post. 490 of those views were on Listly. 2891 views were spread across 4 other blogs.

It’s a little known fact, but Listly deliver more traffic via other blogs that on Listly. That’s very different than any other social media platform.

Listly has allowed all these communities to collaborate to double their exposure.

The other awards are listed below. Feel free to visit them and vote.

Best use of Gamification in Education

Best use of Gamification in the Enterprise (HR)

Best use of Gamification in Social Good

Best use of Gamification in Health & Wellness

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