Real Dreams Don't Have Expiry Dates

I dream big. No mountain too high. No river too wide. I will stuff to happen. I set goals. Have you ever set outrageous goals? Ever given up on a dream? Do you let your dreams expire?

Here’s two examples to show you should never give up on a dream. You own the ability to renew your dream. You keep it fresh. You keep your dream alive, but your community and connections can help. Dreams don’t come true for you alone.

  1. GiftTRAP
  2. I was as Essen, the german game fair in 2006, with 200+ custom “German” copies of GiftTRAP for the fair. We’d sold out. That’s how you test the market. I’d signed a distribution deal.My distributor  was opposite the Spiel Des Jahres winner stand and I saw these huge Spiel Des Jahres stickers. It was tear down, so I grabbed one. I had a dream to win a Spiel Des Jahres prize for GiftTRAP – the Oscar of Board Games (Essen is German for LA).I  stuffed the poster in my bag. I stuck it on my office wall to inspire me. Two years later I pulled it down. I wasn’t going to win! How wrong could I be. A year later with a new distributor, I was in Berlin accepting my prize.

    Never give up on a dream!

  3. Listly

    I set myself goals when I joined Shyam as co-founder at Listly. I wanted to hit 100k on Alexa in 3 months, 50k in 6 and 25k in 9. I achieved the part 1. Hitting 50k in 6 months was looking hard. Growth flattened for a while, but Shyam and I kept the faith.Two weeks ago traffic took off again. Oddly we’d released nothing new. Some things take time to percolate. People have timelines. Several projects kicked off together. Today we’re at 59k. Our 1 week average is below 25k!  It pays to keep the faith. It pays to persist and share your dream with friends.

    With 6 days to my 6 month anniversary, I think can declare victory victory on 50k!

    Never give up on a dream!

Now what – 25k by September, 10k by December, then 1k by March 2013? The next 9 months will sure be fun. Are you in for the ride? Come join out beta program for the next iteration of Listly.

We’re setting Bitly, Delicious and Pinterest in our sites. Dream big or go home!

What are your dreams? Do you let them expire?

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.