What can you do with Lists? Why are Lists useful to bloggers & publishers?

I get asked this a lot. “What can you do with Lists?“. I never have to explain what a list is. People use lists everyday, but I always have to connect a few dots. That’s to be expected. Listly is new. The concept is unique. We are pushing boundaries and redefining how people think of lists and how people define content marketing.

It’s really hard to forget what you know and put yourself in newcomers shoes, so if I jump ahead, stop me and ask a question. Really no question can be too simple.

I began a list of different ways to use Listly, you can read that here. It’s work in progress. Feel free to add your own suggestions. I found that was still too complex. I was thinking about how people could use the lists they had made, when people didn’t know where to begin.

I needed to start with getting people to think about creating lists and thinking of Lists in a more creative fashion. Lists are communication medium, just like Slideware. We have no problem creating slidedecks. Lists are no different. So my next question was even more basic.

How can I categorize the types of lists you could make to help you get creative?

How can I gather and organize suggestions in order to give you, the reader, a clear idea of the kinds of lists you could create? My goal is to be your catalyst.

In some ways the problem with lists, is they are so universal, so while we can think of how we use lists, we don’t jump to creatively think how we can use lists in the context of a marketing tool.

And that’s the point of Listly – to unify lists. To ubiquitize them. To make lists more useful, to lower the cost of list creation (and curation) and to keep your list living and accurate for longer.

So here’s my list grouped it into 3 categories

  1. Lists of Social Media Content (Lists of Social Media Objects like People & Companies
  2. Lists of Embeddable Content (Today’s view of Content Marketing)
  3. Real World Content (Lists of things life)

It’s simple, but effective

Here’s my infographic for The Future of Lists

So what ideas does this trigger in your mind? What List Ideas did you have? What problem can you use Listly to solve?

Once you have a list on Listl.ly is become infinitely more useful. You can share it, you can add to it, you can let other contribute to your lists.

Best of all you can embed your list on any blog or webpage. Once your list is embedded that’s when the real magic begins, that’s when your exposure gets multiplied. That’s when your list gets featured on the home page of List.ly

The goal of every list is to connect with your audience around content the really speaks to them. That’s how community gets formed. When people contribute to your lists, they feel they co-own the lists. They come back to check in on their emotional investment. Their content is your content. Their story is your story.

Lists account for 30% of published content. Lists are so prevalent for one simple reason. It’s all about the numbers. Bloggers and publishers know that lists posts get more eyeballs.

So I leave you with three simple questions.

  1. Why aren’t you leveraging Lists in your content marketing strategy?
  2. Why aren’t your tapping into the emotional commitment of your audience?
  3. Why aren’t you building community?
NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.