Curation, Lists & Celebrating Crowdsourcing – Featured @listly Issue 1

So here is it, the first blog post to discuss and review the 5 featured lists of the week.

We’re hand curating a new list each week. We want you to help us find the lists for next week and for every week moving forward. 5 lists per week. That’s our rule. Add your suggestions to this list

We announced the reason for the change here. We will only be featuring lists that are embedded in other blogs. Listly on Listly alone will not make the cut. We’re curious to know what’s your Listly?

This is not about Listly, it’s about your Listly and what you make it.

So if your list isn’t embedded go fix it. Then you can play.

Here are this week’s lists and links to the posts where they are embedded.

1/ Best Blogger Contest

Run by Denise Wakeman and Ellen Britt, this is a contest who’s judges include founder Guy Kawasaki, Smashwords founder Mark Coker and Internet marketing veteran Jim Edwards. The contest judges the quality of the blog’s content, frequency of their posts, reader involvement and the blog’s ranking (in that order).

It’s been embedded in many blogs. 100+ people have voted, commented, contributed or followed the list. Denise has been a big supporter of Listly since she wrote her 1st post on list making and the value of list posts.

What I like about the list is it’s a great example of where just being on the list matters, but participating matters more. It’s also a human curated contest. It’s not solely vote driven. Listly is awesome for polling opinions, but when it becomes a popularity contest people’s  “inner-gamer” surfaces and things can get funny.

Listly has helped share ans amplify this list, both on Listly and across other blogs. At the time of writing 800 of 2,100 views have come from the futureofink site itself.

2/ Crowdsourced Blog Roll

The engagement on this list has been great to see. Veronika ran the contest not so much as a contest for voting, but more to discover new blogs in her domain – or old blogs she’d missed.
Modenus is a popular community site that covers the interior design space.
The contest is now closed to voting. This is one of the premium Listly features which you can learn about here
The list has been embedded in over a dozen blogs. Amplification from Listly and those blogs more than doubled the exposure to the list increasing it’s findability. At the time of writing, the blog post is on page 1 on Google for the following terms:

3/ Crowdsourcing Speakers for a Virtual 24 Hour Conference

This list was used to crowdsource and crowd rank speakers for a 24 hour virtual conference run via Google Hangouts.
The whole spirit of the event was to turn physical events on their head. 24 speakers – back to back. Following the sun.
I thought it was really cool that they made a custom video for the event and used it as a featured item on the list. This really helped people who were new to Listly and new to the idea of crowdsourcing and submitting content and ideas.
We often forget just how new crowdsourcing and curation really is. We are still in an emerging space. Taking the time to encourage people and help and welcome newcomers is essential.
The list has had 19k views.
There’s already a repeat event in June 2013 with a new list.
I felt very privileged to have attended one of the sessions live. The final speaker programme was listed here.
I just watched this as the organizers debriefed.

Big kudos to Chris Dancy @ServiceSphere for inspiring and organizing this event. I felt a good deal of pride for our participation.

4/ Education – Sharing Knowledge and Crowdsourcing Knowledge

It’s pretty to cool to watch Listly grow inside the education space.
Lisa Johnson of @TechChef4u has been a huge supporter, as has @ipadsammy.
These guys have presented content at conference after conference and shared all those apps and links via Listly. It’s been great to see, especially to know that many people have appreciated and valued these resources. They have influenced many people to try Listly. I’m sure we’ll see lots more activity in this education sector.

5/ Social, Fun, Engagement

Nicolle’s lists always make me smile. Nicolle Müller has made 150 +lists on Listly. She has shown what it takes to be persistent. She’s proved that consistency bares fruit.

Her lists always get engagement from her community and the activity levels have risen over time.

I never know too much of what’s going on as I always get to read the google translated version. It just reminds me that sharing passions is fun and social.

Her content is always fun and on theme and she always manages to source and curate unique content.

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.