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It's now super easy to share and amplify your list's and get more engagement via

We’re super pleased to announce the integration of Listly and

What does it mean?

It’s very simple, if you add a Listly list to your topic feed, your list will be displayed as a full interactive Listly list (ie the list gets embedded in your, so you can vote, comment and add to the list directly from

Here’s a link where you can take a look and see it live. 

What does that enable?

  • Now when you add lists to your Topics they are displayed in full
  • Other users can add your list to their Topic feed too.
  • If you get re-scooped your list gets embedded multiple times. Yet more amplification.
  • Listly tracks the view/engagement metrics for each embedded list.

  • Listly will now log and track every mention as a backlink.

So why will you love it?

  • It’s a quick win to amplify your content across your different channels.
  • This is effortless embedding.
  • amplifies your list, making it a a great way to share your list
  • Listly amplifies your

Every time your list is viewed on, your list becomes a trending list on Listly’s home page.The more people who see your lists the ore likely people will contribute to your list. You ideas get validated and extended.

Lists improve in quality, trustworthiness and findability as more people contribute, so getting your list in front of people who care about your topic is great.

This integration is enabled by Listly’s prior integration with

Try this list and see how you can test any list to see how responds

Any curation tool that turns links into rich media displays using Embedly can work in a similar way. has long supported embedly, they simply had to enable this feature for Listly.

Here’s an example of Listly’s integration with Twylah

These examples demonstrate Listly’s responsive design really well. Lists always resize to fit the width that’s allowed and the length of the list grows to fit the list content.

We’re all getting used to this kind of embedding today as we see Twitter displaying videos etc inline in your Tweet stream, but perhaps we don’t know that it’s actually embedding the content in your stream.

Its just how we expect media to behave. Digital natives want to interact and play.

Amplify, Validate & Extend

Lists have a much longer lifecycle that tweets or scoops. People return to read you tweet stream or to view the newest content you have scooped.

People return to Listly to follow specific list and find new lists that speak to their passions.

Each list, by way of contrast has a narrower focus. You’d create more lists than you would Topics on You might create a new list just for 1 blog post and yet that list could evolve over many months if not years.

Lists are a long term resource because the content for any list can evolve over a very long period. It’s worth a reminder that lists are not just a curation tool.  Lists can create, curate and listen. You can also create original content and use Listly as a feedback tool to capture input and aggregate suggestions and prioritization’s from your community.

So what’s your reaction? How you used Listly? Have you used

Have you used Listly and together before now? We know lots of people have. We’re just delighted to share this powerful extension to two of the leading social curation platforms?

So what next? What integration would you like to see with Listly?

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NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.