50+ Super Bowl Videos: Who’s Top in 2013?

Which Super Bowl Video Will be the Winner in 2013. Is this the Year of the Mini Series. Brands have decided to double down on their investment and create more than one ad.

Star Trek won the pre-game attention with 12.6 million views.

Play the ones that pique your interest direct from this list. Why not vote for your favourites and comment directly on the videos you like and dislike?

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Merlin U Ward

Top SuperBowl Video Ads 2013

Which ad is the winner?

Source: http://blog.list.ly/2013/02/03/which-of-50-super-bowl-videos-will-be-the-winner-in-2013/

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  1. 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood" - YouTube

    See Budweiser's 2013 Super Bowl ad featuring our famous Clydesdales horses — and introducing our newest foal, who was just 7 days old during the shoot. For m...

  2. Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy. - YouTube

    Watch our 2013 Game Day TV commercial, where you'll meet Dave and his newfound sunny disposition (that manifests itself in a curious way), all thanks to his ...

  3. 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Super Bowl Ad | "Team" (Extended) - YouTube

    It's time to round up the team with the new 7-passenger Santa Fe from Hyundai. See more at https://www.findyour7.com/

  4. Fiat 500 Abarth - 2013 Superbowl Topless Commercial - YouTube

    FIAT 500 Topless Commercial - Abarth 2013 Celebrity Commercials TV. 2013 Super Bowl Ad for FIAT USA. Fields FIAT of Orlando. www.fieldsfiatoforlando.com

  5. 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | "Don't Tell" - YouTube

    Meet your family's new partner in crime, the 2013 Santa Fe. With plenty of horsepower and cargo space to spare, it's ready for all the adventures you can dre...

  6. Coke Chase 2013 Ad - YouTube

    The race is on! Vote to decide how our commercial ends on Game Day at http://www.CokeChase.com/

  7. Unattended Laundry: You needed the machine. You got caught panty-handed. - YouTube

    Watch our big game commercial for Speed Stick Power. #HANDLEIT

  8. YourBigIdea.CO | Featuring a Sky Waitress and Danica Patrick - Official Go Daddy Commercial - YouTube

    Find out how #YourBigIdea can take off in this Official 2013 bowl commercial from Go Daddy. Super ideas pay off big - featuring Danica Patrick and an interna...

  9. Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial - "Prom" - YouTube

    A slightly insecure teenager is unhappy about going to the Senior Prom without a date. But when Dad lets him borrow the new Audi S6 for the night, he gains m...

  10. NEW E*TRADE Baby Game Day Commercial - Save It - YouTube

    The E*TRADE Baby has a couple ideas up his sleeve for spending the money you could be losing to hidden fees in your 401(k). In the end, the Baby offers an ev...

  11. Doritos - Road Chip - Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist

    Help decide which fan-made commercial will air during the Super Bowl. Vote everyday between January 4 -- January 29 at http://apps.facebook.com/crashthesuper...

  12. Doritos - Express Checkout -- Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist

    Help decide which fan-made commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

  13. Viva Young - 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial - YouTube

    Bernie Goldblatt and his old school amigos from The Glencobrooke Retirement Home "Live Mas" when they sneak out for a wild night they'll never forget.

  14. Doritos - Fashionista Daddy - Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist

    Help decide which fan-made commercial will air during the Super Bowl. Vote everyday between January 4 -- January 29 at http://apps.facebook.com/crashthesuper...

  15. Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Extended Cut): "Soul" - YouTube

    With a star-studded cast including Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe, Mercedes-Benz unveils the all-new CLA-Class in this extended cut of its Super Bowl com...

  16. The Making of Our #SteerTheScript Commercial - YouTube

    You gave us a few thousand true road trip stories from your individual tweets, and helped us create a journey of our own. See how we worked together to creat...

  17. NEW E*TRADE Baby -- Time Out - YouTube

    The ETRADE Baby is in a time out. Find out why...and how he's still able to manage his ETRADE account anytime, anywhere. E*TRADE. Investing Unleashed. Visi...

  18. Calvin Klein Concept 2013 Commercial Preview -- Debuting During the Super Bowl - YouTube

    Watch a preview of the Calvin Klein Concept commercial featuring model Matthew Terry. The latest offering from Calvin Klein Underwear features 360• seamless ...

  19. CENTURY 21 Super Bowl Commercial: "Wedding" [Official 2013 TV Spot] - YouTube

    http://c21.com/superbowl ► Century 21's official Super Bowl commercial, running on TV during game day, is one of four Super Bowl ads filmed for 2013 as part ...

  20. Lucky Chair :15 - YouTube

    It's coming...

  21. #SteerTheScript: Meet Storyteller @DebDef - YouTube

    It was pouring rain when @DebDef picked up a German hitchhiker on a seemingly normal road trip. She submitted her story on Twitter to #SteerTheScript, and we...

  22. MiO Fit 2013 Big-Game Ad Teaser - 'BLEEP' - YouTube

    Can our famous spokescelebrity say #&%$ on TV? We're not sure, but we know you can change water into a sports drink with electrolytes and zero calories. A...

One big theme that struck me was the notion of the mini series.

  • 13 brands have made more than one commercial
  • Fiat and Doritos lead the way with 5 commercials each
  • Lincoln led with a 2 part Twitter inspired crowdsourced journey theme
  • Two black beers – Coincidence? Who wins Black Crown or Becks Sapphire?

The mini series makes a lot of sense. The number of brands that released their ads far out weighed the handful that are keeping their ads a surprise until the actual day.

My strong sense was that the winners will be the ones who can keep the conversation going the longest.

Pre-releasing a series seems like a slam dunk. Here the brands get to pre-test the content with millions of viewers for free.

We’re still waiting on:

  • Milk Processor Education Program
  • Oreo
  • Wonderful Pistachios
  • Chrysler
  • Universal “The Fast and The Furious 6″
  • Time Warner Cable – Walking Dead
  • Blackberry
  • Subway
Thanks to Businessinsider.com ‘s   for such a complete analysis of all that’s to come.

I thought YourBigIdea.Co was amazing – very inspiring.

I thought Pepsi was a huge let down compared to last year with Elton John

This year’s Coca-Cola’s mirage on the other hands was a huge cultural fusion of inspirations.

I was surprised just how sexist many of the ads were.

How about you?

What was your big takeaway?

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