The New Listly – Lists for the Social Web

Today, Listly takes a big step forward with a new release. The new Listly has fresh new styling, has better performance, and the website is responsive across desktop, smartphones and tablets. Along with a new website, we also have new WordPress and Javascript plugins that brings the benefits of the new Listly to embedded Listly lists everywhere.

At Listly, our vision continues to be the same as it’s always been. We believe HTML-based lists are still from the pre-social Web. Our mission is to power lists for the social Web – make them interactive, engaging and social right WITHIN your blog post or website. We are taking a big step forward today towards this vision.

If you are a blogger, publisher or a brand, Listly helps you build a participative, engaged community around your content. Content that evolves over time. Content that’s more shareable by your community and more findable by search engines. That’s our promise.

If you want to read everything about the new Listly, visit this page. If you can’t wait, just jump over to the new Listly and tell us what you think!

Nick Kellet & Shyam Subramanyan

PS. Have you updated the Listly plugin on your WordPress blog yet?

Shyam Subramanyan (13 Posts)