And the Winner is … plus two new Listly features

We’re pleased to announce that Marie Ennis-O’Connor is the winner of a Listly premium 12 month licence.

Marie is relatively new to the Listly community, but has made lots of lists. Best of all she’s been a tireless promoter of her work, and her fellow participants, contributors and collaborators.

Many people make lists and simply expect them to grow and be shared. Not Marie!

Some truly famous people can manage that, but most of us have to work hard to make our lists grow.

Congrats Marie! Great to see your being so active in the Listly Community.

Embedding Items & Nesting Filtering

This week we also added two new features.

We believe they demonstrate yet more power in the way in which Listly can be used as a publishing / social curation platform.

They are both steps in the direction of making Listly more granular and more accessible.  We’re giving you more control over how you interact and embed lists on your blog.

Embedding Items

We’ve long been focused on embedding whole lists, but we’ve had a stream of requests from people who want to embed just an item from a list.

Often, this is when people are involved in a contest or crowdsourcing event.

Now they can embed their item and shine a light just on their item on a list.

It’s previously been possible to share just an item (which defaults to showing the selected items and the items before and after the item in question).


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.31.14 PM


When an item is shared, the item in question is highlighted, thereby carrying context from the person who shared the item. This is itself a pretty cool feature, as it also works on embedded lists – ie if you embed a list and share an item, the item on the embedded list is still highlighted – even inside your blog.

Now there is an additional “embed” icon for each item on a list.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 1.57.54 PM

Now you can select “Item embed” and you’ll see a window just like this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.02.13 PM

Grab this code and paste it into your post (in Text/HTML Mode) and you’ll see your item embedding in your post just like this

See full list on Listly 

This is the 10th item off this list (a collection of all our prior email newsletters), featuring last week’s newsletter.

Voting, commenting and sharing work in exactly the same way as normal.

Getting the Most from Your Newsletters

I just wanted to shout out to Mark Jones of Collaboris and Sharepoint Community Partners who first shared his idea to create a list of your prior email campaigns or newsletters as a Listly list.

We thought that was a very practical and simple use of Listly that just about everyone could implement. We also made such a list and embedded it on a special page on our blog.

Nested Filtering

We’ve also added the ability to combine filter tags.

Previously you could filter for Tag = “A” and then choose to view Tag = “B”. You can now choose “A” and “B”. You can simply hit the “x” next to each selected filter item to remove that element of the filter.

It’s super simple, but also very powerful.

Mary’s list of Doctors on Twitter has lots of tags and as such, is a great example.

To access all the filter options simply click on the blue filter icon.

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Doctors On Twitter

List of doctors who use Twitter to further the conversation on Healthcare Social Media. Add your favorite docs to this list.
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doctor | lawyer | pilot | sheriff's deputy. healthcare expert and renaissance man.

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West Midlands based Acute Medicine SpR with an interest in management. Proud lead coordinator of the new West Midlands Acute Medicine Collaborative!

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Human being. Father. Husband. Doctor. In that order.

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Physician interested in Medical Marketing, Innovation and Research in Pharma and Healthcare (specially Allergy, Inflammatory, Respiratory Diseases)

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Interests: transforming healthcare;innovation; informed decision making;understanding variations in care. COI declaration:AB is Group Exec Med Director InHealth

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Hospitalist. Interested in health policy, tech, and communication. Bread baking enthusiast. @abcnews medical unit alum. Tweets are my own.

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Physician with varied interests whose passion is promotion of the Person as the Center of the Health Hub & High Touch Leadership. Love is the Killer App.

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Emergency Medicine and Geriatrics trained, Assistant Residency Director, mother of 4, excited about #MedEd, #EM, #Geriatrics, and #FOAMed.

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Doctor with an interest in broader medical political issues

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Physician. Editor of Bellevue Lit Review. Newest book is What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine. New York, NY

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An Allergist with a significant interest in Continuing Professional Development. Vice-President of the CSACI. Adjunct Professor, Western University

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MD trying to heal healthcare through national dialogue. New Mexico

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Saskatoon, Canada

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Resident physician @MassGeneral | MD/MPP alum @YaleMed, Harvard @Kennedy_School | Writing and reading about health policy, economics & ethics.

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MD MPH #sociamedia #digitalhealth #publichealth #journalist USA-EU healthcare & #expatLife France | LLU, MayoClinic, UMichSPH, JohnsHopkins

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Med Director, Univ Malaya Specialist Ctr (UMSC) #UMspecialist | Clinical #Informatics Professor @unimalaya | Doctor | #mHealth | #TransformHealth @UMHmetropolis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ~


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