Celebrate When Amazing Things Happen – L is for List , V is for Victory

I mentioned “celebrate your achievements” recently on my blog.

I spoke at Social Media Camp in Victoria in May and I’d listened to CC Chapman’s keynote. He made a big deal out of celebrating victories.  Funny thing is, I don’t think I really took his message on board. I’d been coming to this conclusion from many data points, but I didn’t credit that in my post.

I just heard CC talk again this week on his book “Amazing Things Will Happen”. Three big takeaways on 2nd hearing:

  • Celebrate Your Victories
  • Be A Duck (let the negativity slide off)
  • Keep Away from Seagulls (people who dump negativity and leave)

So now I have a signed copy to match my Audible version. I highly recommend CC and his book.

Today Shyam and I are celebrating because something amazing happened.

Listly is now on page 1 of Google for two very important terms:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 5.40.06 AM

Our goals is to make L stand for Listly and List. We aim to make Listly be to lists what Slideshare is to slides.

Those rankings are pretty cool. That’s a total of 235 million searches. That’s going to help us get found.

There’s an interesting back story to this which began when I met Andy Crestodina at Content Marketing World in 2012.

Content Chemistry – Periodic Table of Content

Andy gave me an advance copy of his book to review and I was very impressed. What Andy knows about SEO is impressive. Better yet is his ability to share what he knows.

Funnily enough I wrote him a review yesterday. Serendipity.

Andy and I got talking about his book and his diagram for the Periodic Table of Content. During our conversations we got onto the subject of Listly. It was like being in the dentist’s chair as he poked and prodded around our site and told me stuff about our relative search rankings.

He gave me several tips on key word density and I shared all this with Shyam and we changed a thing or two about our meta data. Very quickly we found we were on Pg 1 for the term “Lists”.

It was no small victory – 9 million monthly searches. We didn’t do much to celebrate because all we could see was the bigger prize. “List” with 225 million monthly searches. What a difference an “s” makes.

Clearly we both wanted to be on Pg 1 for List. We weren’t. I’d seen us as high as page 5 and as low as page 9

Well last night Shyam email me to alert me to the fact were now on Pg 1 for list.

“Wow. Awesome” was my response.

Celebrare your victories was my first thought.

Thankyou to CC

Thankyou to Andy

Thankyou to Google

Thankyou to You – Our Listly Community

The end result simply took a little more time. I believe this is the function of 1000’s of small acts of sharing, driven by the constant growth of lists content on Listly and by the number of embeds for Listly.

PS When I just checked we were on page 2, proving that I didn’t celebrate fast enough. With so many searches these results can be pretty volatile. Our dashboard shows a 79% jump. I’m still very happy. I’m sure we’ll keep bobbing around the rankings and we’ll get anchored higher as people get to recognize and recall the Listly brand.

Image Credit: sookie via Flickr / Creative Commons.






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