8 Reasons Images Make You Irresistable plus 4 Bonus Resources

This week we released the ability to customize images on Listly (prior to this point we simply reused images from the web.

First let’s explore the 8 reasons that images matter:

Here’s the Coles notes of what’s new on Listly. It’s very simple, yet very powerful. Takes a look to brief yourself on what’s possible.

We also have a request. We are planning to add more layouts that focus on the use of images. Leave a comment of blog posts that feature list layouts the you like or even submit a design via email to support at list dot ly. Send us your design inspirations.

We’ve love to know what you want to see.

Here’s four bonus resources that connect directly to the creation of custom images.

Quotes / Quotation Resources

Free Images

Free Text on Images

Free Fonts

Here’s all the posts we read to complete the research that went into writing this post.

Research: Why Images Matter 

Image Credit: kruemi via Flickr / Creative Commons

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