The Slow Steady Acceptance of Crazy Ideas

Sometimes in all the craziness that is digital life, it’s time to pause and reflect.

Today is such a day.

I found myself exploring the web. One post led to another idea and another post.

Sometimes you don’t need to reach a conclusion.

I found myself analyzing and collecting examples of changes in the world of commenting and the evolution of content.

My research jumped from Medium to QZ to The New York Times to BuzzFeed, Twitter, Livefyre, Disqus, Reddit, Wikipedia, Markerly and RapGenius.

Embeddability and reuse is on the rise at the same time as the size or the unit of content and commentary is shrinking. Is annotation a sexier name for commenting? Is commenting dead or dying? Seeing Livefyre move into curation and acquire Storify does beg the question. 

I’ve always believed engagement is shifting inside the post. That is the new battleground for attention and participation. My favourite read of the day was this post from 2006. The People Formerly Known as the Audience” is such a great expression.

Who is the audience? What is their new name?  I’ve long argued Readers and Writers have joined forces on the continuum and publishing is becoming less of a single moment and more of a living experience.

We need to remember that change takes time. Boundaries are blurring.  Audience participation is on the rise. Handing over of control is slow and gradual, but never ending. Dave Winner said back in 1994: “Once the users take control, they never give it back.” – Almost 20 years ago!

This Digiday post, The Death of the Page View, caught my eye. Engagement is the new battleground, but few are really saying it and many dismiss the notion. Time will tell.

So once in a while pause and reflect.

If you pause long enough the world may just catch up with you. Perhaps one day your wild ideas won’t seem so wild.

Today our Alexa ranking dropped below 12.5k. We’re on schedule to break 1 million unique visitors per month by December.

Listly Alexa Ranking

Here’s the posts I read.

What’s the big change you are noticing. Does 1994 seem a long time ago? Were you even born?.

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