Three Reasons Listly V4 Is The Hero in Your Content Marketing Toolkit

There are some great features in Listly V4, but perhaps you are more curious as to our thinking.

Want to know why we want to help you “Turn Customers Into Heroes“. We offer 7 tips of why this is a good idea, along with practical examples of how we are helping you and your customers be the heroes of your story.

Take a look at what’s new below and why we help you and your customers be the hero.

Have you made a list yet? Have you embedded it? Have you asked your audience to help?

What’s New in Listly 4.0

New Home Page

Or new home page shines a light on embedded lists. 50% of our traffic comes from embedded lists and now Listly’s home page reflects that.

A single click takes Listly visitors directly to your blog, so there’s an extra reward for embedding quality collaborative lists.

  • Categories : Now lists are segmented into 5 useful categories or tabs.
  • Embeds or All : The home page makes a much bigger emphasis of blogs that embed lists. Notice the lime green anchors. Now, one click will take you directly to the last place this list was embedded.
  • Responsive Card-Based Design : Whether you interact with Listly on your desktop, tablet or smartphone you will have a great experience.
  • Interaction : Now you can follow lists directly from the home page. Just click on the heart.
  • Infinite Scroll : Just keep on scrolling down and Listly will fetch you more lists that meet your criteria.
Listly V4 Home Page

User Profiles

  • 4 New Cards to Display Your User Profile : We shine a light on your accomplishments on Listly including featuring your Pro badge.
  • View Followers, Following & Favorites : Now you can see who is following who and participate by following them too. Following people could not be simpler.
  • Easy Access to Manage Your Teams : It’s now easier to access the team members who help  curate your lists.
  • Custom Bio Field : Much requested. You can now configure your bio on Listly. We also refresh your image on login.

Listly V4 User Profiles

Listly V4 followers

Listly V4 teams

Newsfeed, Activity & Search

The combination of newsfeed, activity monitoring and a unified search make using Listly both simple and powerful. Listly V4 lets you stay on top of key information in less time.

  • Follower Model for Lists and People : If you are familiar with Slideshare you will be totally comfortable with this big change to Listly. Start following lists and people today.
  • Recent Activity: View the recent activity for yourself and for other users.
  • Search: Search for Lists, Items, Domains or Users


recent activity - Listly V4

search for items-domains-users-lists-listly v4

There’s lots to take on board with Listly V4.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions.

We believe with a passion that you are the hero of our story and that your customers can be the heroes of your story. That’s how collaboration and participation work.

Listly : The Simplest Way to Make Lists Worth Sharing

You could just be making lists to follow your passion, or looking to gather feedback from your readers.

Your lists could links to existing content or be 100% original.

We make it simple to make, share and embed lists.

We do it in a way that lets other’s help, so if you have a passionate audience you can involve them in your cause.

Listly is what you make it. People love numbered lists. That’s our hook.

What’s your Listly?

Image Credit: kubina via Flickr and Creative Commons

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.