Slideshare of the Day: Asking The Right Questions Wins via @EQList

I made this deck for my post on EqList – THE LOVE CONNECTION : SIX KEY Questions to Create Content People will Love. I’m a huge fan of EQList’s approach. Sometimes you need to do the work and find the answers. A guide to ask the right questions is highly valuable. If you read the posts on EQList they follow a very unique formula. It’s all about asking questions and not answering them. Experts can help you by guiding you ask the right questions. I know I’ve found it hard to write posts in this format, but a worthy endeavour. Casudi is a long standing friend and she asked me to create a deck to answer 6 key questions about how to create content that people will love. I followed Casudi’s formula and here’s what we produced:

I got a lot of feedback in the design process for these slide. A special thanks goes out to Barry Feldman, who reviewed my slides and suggested a new title and title page. Barry asked me two great questions. “What’s your point? What’s the takeaway?”. As I tried to answer he skyped back the new title.
There’s my point. Experts know the question(s) to ask. Answers to the right questions create movement and progress. Tonight I just saw this tweet.

‘THE LOVE CONNECTION: How to create content people feel passiona…’ by @nickkellet is the SlideShare of the day. — SlideShare Today (@SlideShareToday) October 17, 2013

That’s pretty cool. I’ve had that once before. Getting exposure on Slideshare’s home page is something that can really give your content a flying start. So I thought I’d write this post to support EqList and to explain their formula. In a world of crowded me too blogs it’s a pleasure to see someone saying something unique. What’s more is Casudi is guiding her guest post writers to follow a formula. It took me a while to get it, but it’s an worthwhile endeavour. I know from the feedback that Casudi receives that people are finding this valuable. Enjoy. Thanks Slideshare for promoting this idea. Image Credit via gebala and Flickr and Creative Commons.

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