Journalists Try to Make Viral [video]. Why Did it #FAIL?

Pat May from the Mercury News called my 6 months ago seeking advice on making a viral video.

On Thursday he called me to share the product of their labours.

He was asking why the video hadn’t gone viral. At the time the video has has 8k views. Today it’s had 13k views.

It’s impressive to have Guy Kawasaki be the first person to comment on your video, but in someways that proves influence isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.

It’s been an interesting experience for Pat, who’s on the receiving end of 30 pitches per day in his inbox. It was a case of gamekeeper turned poacher..

I shared with Pat a number of observations and added them to this list featuring the video.

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Why Didnt The iChicken Video go Viral?



Blogger Outreach

Nov 23, 2013
Blogger Outreach

There was no pre-planning to invite bloggers to embed it and talk about it

Nov 23, 2013 - - 73
Introducing the iChicken

Our obsession with technology knows no bounds.


Serialize: Better as 5 or 6 20 second videos

Nov 23, 2013
Serialize: Better as 5 or 6 20 second videos

It felt like a long 3 minutes, but it was a series of scenes - each of which could have been it's own video.

This would have helped different people appreciate different elements.

Perhaps the best bit was not the intro.


No Pro-Promotion & Audience Participation

Nov 23, 2013
No Pro-Promotion & Audience Participation

They didn't involve anyone in the video. This didn't tease it's arrival. They had nobody waiting for it.

Perhaps Robert Scoble would have commented on vide. Perhaps Guy could have played a role.

Involving people invests them emotionally in your outcome.



Nov 23, 2013

What emotion did the video trigger? What part of the video would compel you to share it?

Add your comment and suggestions to the list. Vote for the ideas  you support

I also shared with Pat how my daughter has made a video in her social media class that got 48k views and she doesn’t know Guy.

Want to write your own blog post and dissect the video? Feel free embed the list.

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