Who’s Missing Your Wow? A Marketing Metaphor #startup Lesson

Time to “Wow” is critical today. You have seconds. The half-life of attention takes no prisoners.

If you get people to look, to drive by, to kick the tires, you don’t want to lose them because they made the wrong assumptions. Because they put you in the wrong bucket, they assumed the wrong metaphor.

I’d heard of Haikudeck.

I’d been there.

I’d watched slides.

Almost got the T-Shirt

What was Haikudeck? A Slideshare Wanna Be. That was my self-serve assessment.

Self-serve is awesome, but it can leave you open to misinterpretation.

I’d not deeply touched the tool, but that was my takeaway. My 2 second, 10 cent instant categorization.


A friend told me the secret sauce. I got inspired enough to give it a try.

Haikudeck is awesome at finding, using and crediting images.

It’s also awesome at making you look good and keeping you brief.

I made a deck about metaphors, which I then published on Slideshare.

They gave me great support. I gave them some feedback. I’m impressed.

Here’s my Haikudeck on their player.

I loved the simplicity, but the player is a source of confusion for me.

They player helped me discover them, it also confused me and my metaphor choice.

I hung them on the Slide Content Platform Ladder. Slot 1 = Slideshare, Slot 2 = Prezi.

I didn’t have anyone at Slot 3.

Haikudeck are really Slot 1 for Web Authoring Tools for Slides.

Have you heard of Haikudeck?

Have you tried it? What’s your thoughts?

Image Credti: Kuyan Redman



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