The A-Z of Local Content, Buzzfeed Style: The Popculting of Community

This week we conclude our three part series on local content, by focussing on the what. We answer the question “What Local Lists should you make?”

We take 26 cities and create an eclectic collection of multiple choice numbered list titles.

Remember MadLibs? If you do we think you’ll like these. Fill in your own choices, we’d added a few ideas to get you going.

These will make you think. That’s the goal. This is work for you, except it’s also meant to be your passion, so enjoy it too.  How would you customize and extend these ideas?

We follow classic popular list format, but focus on adding a local spin.

In concluding this series I can help feel there is more content to follow on this topic.

For me the hard part was producing this. It was hard to really make local interesting. Hence the focus to add a pop culture bias. I felt that having got into the vein of local pop culture, that keeping going would be easy. I have 100’s more ideas in draft.

I’m sure a “100 lists every local should contribute to in their city” won’t be far off.

It was so tempting to show many more examples, but I felt on balance it was smarter and more useful to focus on the art of local.

I tried to focus on thinking about what local content could become. The buzzfeeding of local content feels very real, highly achievable. It also feels very current.

All you need is a community of locals to help you.

What will be the 100 local lists you will kick off and contribute to in your community? Who be the your army of helpers? What’s stopping you?

I didn’t calculate too precisely but there must be 50k+ ideas in here when you explore all the options.

It was both fun and challenging to create.

Here’s the three decks as a playlist list – of course!

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Local Content / Local Lists Toolkit - A Three Part Series


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The A-Z of Local Content.


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