Canva: Perfect to Blend Text & Images In Explainer Videos

Last week I made this video for our new Chrome Extension

It was my first time using Screenflow for a while (a Mac video editor). It takes a while to get back into it and I found using text and callouts in Screenflow natively to be super painful and tedious. Too much power for the most part.

This week I tried something different.

I made my stills in Canva and then imported them into Screenflow. I happen to use Screenflow as I’m on the Mac, but I’m sure the same challenges exist on PC video editing tools.

I love slides and find them easy to create. By way of contrast I find videos a little daunting. Too many degrees of freedom. Too many choices.

Perhaps with Slides I’ve learned to ignore all the animation options, yet with video that’s essential. With slides you don’t control flow, with video you do. That’s quite a context shift.

I think I made 5 iterations of the stills as I worked on the story for the video and as it grew from 1 minute to 8 minutes. I think that’s part of the challenge with video. You need pleasing visuals, but you need words/audio too. And timing. It’s easy to go too fast as I found with the Chrome Extension video.

I certainly found that Canva plus Screenflow was a great combination. It  plays to Canva’s strengths. I like Canva a lot, but I find it hard to use as a slide creation platform simply because it pushes the current limits of Canva. I’m sure they will extend those limits over time.

I co-wrote this post on Canva on Content Marketing Institute with Andy Newbom.

I think using Canva for visuals for your video content like this may just be the perfect use case. It certainly allowed me to quickly iterate and evolve my video storyline. Here’s the video I made with Screenflow and Canva.

What do you think? Have you tried Canva? What’s your experience in creating video content?

Image Credit : reddy-aprianto via Flickr and Creative Commons

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