Which Are the 27 WordPress Plugins You Really Need?

I just realized there are 31,000 WordPress plugins.


That’s a lot. I guess it should be no surprise and there are so many ways to customize and extend WordPress and each niche has it’s own list of competing plugins.

How do you evaluate a plugin? Reviews and downloads are a great starting point. Crowdsourced lists on Listly are another great way .

Here’s a great list from Bob Dunn – Plugins for Genesis

And a collection of lists on Listly that mention “Best WordPress’ . Happy searching.

You many not know, but 30% of the web’s content comes in the form of a list, so a plugin to help you create better Lists Posts is a good thing.

That’s our mission at Listly. To elevate the status and power of Lists to be on a par with Slideshare and YouTube.

We make lists social, collaborate and embeddable. Unlike Slideshare and YouTube, Listly is also an authoring platform and a collaborative one to boot.

It’s no simple challenge but we keep iterating towards our vision.

Listly is becoming a destination for great content just like Slideshare.

I loved this post by Dan Polley this week and his articulation of 4 reasons why you should use Listly for your blogroll.

Have you make a blogroll on Listly?

The Listly plugin has now been downloaded 8,000 times and Listly lists are embedded on over 9000 domains across the web. That’s a lot of social proof.

This week we updated our Chrome Extension and also added a super simple way to customize what’s included when you embed a list.

This has been on your wish list for some time, we think you are going to love it. What’s next? You tell us. We’d love to how you’d like to customize your lists. What would make you use, create and embed more lists? Do tell.

We made a video to explore the value and power of embedding list and the value of using our WordPress plugin. Lots of useful insights.

Let us know what you think.

By way of an example I loved this list of Women in WordPress by Cloudways

I quickly customized it to hide the header and only show the first 5 items.

andrea_r (@andrea_r)

Canadian, unschooler & quilter. StudioPress support rep. Grandma of 3, wife of @sillygrampy.

Siobhan McKeown (@siobhanpmckeown)

WordPress, documentation, writing, @audreycapital, @smashingmag

Lisa Sabin-Wilson (@lisasabinwilson)

Partner: @WebDevStudios / Co-founder: @AppPresser / Author: WordPress For Dummies /
Produced in TX, Aged in WI - GO PACKERS!

Dee Teal (@thewebprincess)

Master of Digital Communication and Culture (USYD), Web Developer, Freelancer, WordPress Trainer & Genesis Junkie, Copyright Issue observer - wears a tiara


the musing of a faculty member (by @SitWithIt)

If you want to see how I customized the list check out the list‘s preview page/

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.