Destination Marketing Choices: Quantity & Quality, Curation & Creation

I’d recently noticed two users on Listly  in the travel sector, each with a unique approach. I got curious and had to dig deeper.

  • Destination Luxury has focussed on creating a  highly-visual, highly-unique lists with awesome photography. They already had a proven formula before discovering So far they have made 20 lists. Uniquely they have embraced the use of listly to make both resource lists and lists of tips ‘n tricks,  more in the vein of Buzzfeed style Listicles. I think all their lists have been embedded on Here’s two great examples.
  • BoostVacations has focussed on creating 1,800 lists to cover thousands of locations/ keywords.  They have focussed largely, but not exclusively on curating videos from Youtube. Todate only a small %age their lists have been embedded on

Both are relatively new Listly users, so it’s still early days and will be interesting to see how their body of lists build engagement over time. I’ve seen lists acquire a large number of views, but it’s often a slow build and a function of sharing, connections and content quality – sometimes it feels like content needs to take root, before it blossoms.

While Destination Luxury has taken a quality / creation approach and Boost Vacation has taken a quantity / curation approach,  they aren’t mutually exclusive.

Crowd Driven Content Strategies vs Content Driven Content Strategies

Nothing precludes anyone from following both strategies. I think there is value in creating some basic content and then investing in extending those lists slowly over time. Having a diversity if lists lets you respond to the lists that create the most interest.

Predicting which content will be popular is always hard.

Destination Luxury has a head start on the basis of its large Facebook following and existing blog traffic, that ensures each new list that’s embedded gets seeded with a lot of views.

BoostVacations have been committed to keeping building and sharing their lists. This commitment should pay off in the long haul. They have been adding 20-50 lists / day.

I always think of Listly as the intersection of three capabilities, two of which are evident with these two examples:

  • Create (original content)
  • Curation (existing resources)
  • Collaboration (letting people contribute)

Both have done a good job on branding and both have embedded lists on their blog, these are essential first steps of anchoring your lists on your blog for long term SEO.

Here’s a few tips:

Tips for Destination Luxury

  • Looking at BoostVacation’s use of video I thought that’s something they could try with their YouTube channel content.
  • There’s always room for building and encouraging crowd participation. Edublogs is a great example of that with over 7k helpers and 500+ embeds (which means 500+ backlinks).
  • Let people know they can contribute and vote (don’t assume they know Listly)
  • Consider running some Best of Awards as this would build interest from other Destination Marketing and Tourism pro’s building a blogger outreach element into the strategy.
  • They should also connect their other Social Profiles.

Tips for

  • Connect their social profiles to Listy (eg Twitter, Facebook etc). Add links to their domain from their Twitter profile
  • Use headline images on their lists to visibly brand each list.
  • Tell people what you are looking for in the list description, so as to encourage participation.
  • Add a source URL to link to the blog post where each list is embedded.
  • Think about branding their Listly page as BoostVacations (using the name in the URL to match their twitter feed) as this will then show up in Google searches. Their current name is List-Builder, which feels like missed branding moment.

Tips for both:

  • Encourage their readers to embed lists on their blogs.
  • Embed other people’s list to lead by example.
  • Collaboration takes time to build. It also takes persistence and giving people a reason to participate – often the reason is an omission on the list. Sometimes its smart to leave obvious gaps so people can contribute the corrections.

I also wanted to showcase lists on the island of Sabah that demonstrate another strategy – to cover one location with multiple search terms. They have made great use of embedding lists on their blog

So that concludes my comparison.

Together they demonstrate alternative and complimentary strategies. Given there’s a local /destination theme, I’ll share the series of slidedecks I made on local content

Local applies to all of us. We’re all tourists in our own towns/cities and we can all use curation tools like Listly every time we research trips.

Image Credit: Destination Luxury.

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