69 Reasons Email Marketing Writers Should Look Beyond Mailchimp’s Campaign Archive

Email newsletters are a valuable resource. They are a core part of your content marketing strategy.

Emails is the ground zero of social and human engagement (except for the SMS generation). Email is the call to action mechanism for just about every social network on the planet. Having an active, growing and engaged email list has to be a top priority.

Any tips to get more from this investment is a great thing. I found just such a tip recently.

Here’s the back story:

I began my list of past mailchimp newsletters when we first began using Mailchimp for Listly’s weekly newsletter.

At the time I’d not realized Mailchimp has an automatic a Past Issues list.


I decided to keep going with my list and today I have a back catalog of 69 newsletters.

It was an experiment that proved to be useful. I’m glad I made the list.

Today I know Mailchimp’s “Past Issues” list only shows the previous 20 newsletters, so using a Listly list lets us share  an exhaustive searchable list.

Beyond offering a complete history of all your newsletters, Listly lets you embed your list on your blog, which makes your newsletter more findable.

I’ve create a page for all prior newsletters here. You can too. I hand curate the list and each week I drag the new item into 1st place.


Notice the list is searchable on the page where its embedded and the items are shareable. The Listly shared links take people to the item on the list inside a blog post (and not to Listly).

For quick reference here’s an example of that list re-embedded on this post:

Notice I’ve customized the list to suppress the header and only display 3 per page. See here to see how any list can be customized in this way.

Do you use Mailchimp? I suspect other email list platforms like AWeber, Infusionsoft and Constant Contact work in similar ways.

I know I find myself sharing prior newsletters to answer support questions.

How about you? Have you thought of your prior newsletters as a valuable resource? Do you reuse them? If not why not? Are you writing the wrong stuff?

Here’s some Listly reviews if you want to learn more


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