10 Awesome Decks Asking “What Makes Content Emotional?” [playlist] [slides]

Yesterday Lee Carnihan shared this deck with me and I was so inspired.

I found myself exploring and resharing my old deck on “Love Connection” exploring how to create content we love.

Next minute I’m searching and in a few minutes I’d made a list of 10 awesome decks on Slideshare. This morning I thought I’d share the process. It took minutes.


It was quick, simple and effective. By embedding my list on this post I now have a highly shareable resource that anyone can add to over time. It’s a piece of living curation that can change slowly over time.

I also turned Lee’s deck into a Listly  to show Lee  how it would look.  I think it looked really awesome. How about you? Which layout do you like? Did you know you can change the layout of the list dynamically on Listly or on a blog post that embeds the list?


My biggest takeaway from my deck and from Lee’s deck was that some of the best ideas had got buried in slides.

  • I didn’t realize Lee’s content was a list and the ideas were combinable.
  • I’d missed the 2 lists lost in side my deck.

The reason for this is simple. For most creatives the ideas come out in the wash. Ideas are work. They don’t arrive fully formed. They take shape through iteration. I didn’t sit down with these lists in mind. They emerged.

To make your content more approachable, more consumable, there is one simple step. Go back and revisit your best work,  your best content. Seek out the reusable components. Then take those ideas and transform them for other platforms – output them to Pinterest, Infographics, Listly, Slideshare and beyond.

You don’t need new ideas, you simply need to reuse and optimize the ones you already have. The best stories are great for retelling.

I think my next step it to break out 2 lists from my deck. Here’s one (5 minutes max).

3 things you need to create content people will love

Notice how in Lee’s post I pulled out 23 things. Content is more effective when it’s extracted as lists. It’s more approachable and more reusable.

What lists do you have locked inside your best content?

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.