70+ Key Marketing Folk Who Think POEM is Core to Digital Media

POEM is part of marketing’s new vocab, but there’s two things that surprise me.

  • Consumers don’t differentiate media types
  • Many marketing folk don’t know the term POEM

There’s sure been a lot of coverage on POEM, but that just proof and testament to our times.

  • Coverage <> Knowledge.
  • Seeing <> Prioirity <> Absorbtion
  • Exposure <> Adoption.

To shortcut that process I’m sharing a list of 70+ blogs that took the time and effort to explain POEM using a unique infographic. For now I’ve added no commentary.

My next step in a subsequent post is to publish our own POEM infographic along with commentary.

It takes a lot of repeated exposure for people to absorb and prioritize any concept, tool or platform.

POEM is no different.

I’ve heard people say it needs between 10 and 20 positive experience and touches to get a new customer to purchases. My guess is that number is low. Not all experiences are positive or are recalled.

POEM helps you create more exposure in less time, which saves you audience from leaking between exposures, but that’s a secondary point.

POEM is essential because it’s a simple holistic model that explains how all the big parts work together. POEM explains that you have choice. POEM lets you decide how to invest your marketing budget to best grow your brand for the long term.

The more you expect, the harder it is to make and impact and to be seen, heard and most importantly, understood.

You make choices to decide on how your prioritize and so do your customers and prospects.

We all have too much choice, so we need to make it easy.

To that end I’m sharing a curated list of POEM models and posts.

More people need to see this for the 1st time and millions of marketing folk need to be nudged along the adoption cycle. It’s personal choice to invest in POEM to understand why it matters and then to explore how that can change your decisions on an ongoing basis.

Vote for the ones you like.

Have I missed any great posts or models?

I’m sure I have. This is a topic near and dear to the hearts of many marketing experts.

You need to join the debate and write your own post.

Feel free to add it to the list and embed the list on your blog.

The list above is also available as a slidedeck, just with a little less detail. It was much easier to curate the list. I simply grabbed the URLS, titles and images to make the deck.

If you follow the blog, you will know I talk about Hybrid Media. This is yet another example (slides as lists / lists as slides)

When I drill into POEM in my next post you’ll learn more about why Hybrid Media is so important.

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

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