Do You Embrace Infosnackers, Entice Lurkers & Live in Real Time? 7 Short [Videos] Explain Why you Should

You can’t fight the info-snacking culture.

You can’t fight the fact that today’s consumer for the most part wants a self-service experience

The 1% rule is the norm. 90% of people consume or lurk in any given situation.

Are you experimenting with real time content or are you still thinking/acting like Guttenberg?

Are you actively enticing Lurkers? If not why not?

I experiment daily with short form and hybrid media.

2 weeks ago I published slides exploring what’s next for POEM and I proposed a new acronym SCOPE. This was really well received and has seen 10k+ views todate.

Last week I spoke at Lavacon, a content strategy conference. I was lucky enough that my session got picked to be on the video track.

So today I share the edited videos from my talk . I sliced the video into the 7 sections of my talk so you can jump in based on what peaks your curiosity.

Here’s the 7 videos as a list (a great example of hybrid media and designing for reuse)

By publishing multiple short videos I can track which bits of my talk get most engagement. By assembling them as a list I make it easy to share and easy for others to embed on their blog.

You can’t force people to consume content linearly. That’s part of the self-service ethos.

You can’t assume that any two people will absorb and take away the same meaning from your content.

You need to embrace this reality. You need to entice people to come on you journey with you.

If you are curious, join Listly, follow me, invite me on Linkedin. Join in the experiment, come learn with me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ideas in my talk.

Here’s my slides.

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