Building Emotional Content : Create AND Curate vs Alone OR Together? [infographic]

This graphic captures the essence of creating emotional content.

It correlates how, where and why we build emotional value through content.

 It’s not really about Create VS Curate. It’s a case of AND not OR.

BOTH bring value – curation is accessible to many more people. It’s “gateway” content – an entry point, that’s accessible to many. Once people curate for themselves (or just internally), they grow in courage to curate externally for others.

A confident curator can then find the strength and creativity to advance to creating original content.  Many step into creating without thinking. Curation breaks down people’s fear. Curation gives people the power to grow.

On both dimensions your content can involve others (i.e. collaboration). You create more emotional value with original content (creation) over curation (just a fact – being the source of an original idea or point of view is more valuable).

Beyond creating, you create more value when you involve others, because then your content becomes theirs (another fact). We care about stuff were involved in, so it just makes sense to involve people in our content creation process.

Inviting others to help means you do less work, but the big win is securing their emotional connection to your content. They will promote it as if it is their own.

My experiences publishing an award winning  crowd-sourced board game totally support this fact. Participants globally helped propel my game to be translated into 12 languages and winning 20+ awards including a Spiel des Jahres award.

We are in a new renaissance. Create, curate, collaborate are just three colors on our palette. We need to experiment daily. What worked last month may not work tomorrow. We need to be fearless and keep evolving – keep pushing boundaries.

Where are you in adopting Curation and Creation. Where are you in working Alone vs Working Together?

I talked about this at Lavacon (see clip No 5) via here

While were on the topic of emotional content, you should really explore these slides:

What’s your top tip on building emotional content? How you go about getting people’s hearts to beat?

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