400+ Useful Ways Zapier Automates Social Content Curation

How many apps are you using as sources for content? Here’s 400 ideas that could really help you rethink how you create, curate and collaborate to create high utility content in your niche.

Listly is in beta with Zapier integration. Want to give it a try now?

  1. Sign up for Zapier, then click on this enabling beta key.
  2. Get an API key from Listly and apply it to here (choose Listly from the drop down).
  3. Create an automation (a Zap), so when an event happens in one of 400 apps you can trigger than event to add event specific content to a Listly list.

We’d love to hear what ideas pop into your head. What do you need?

Here’s a listly of 400+ apps that already support Zapier. How will you integrate Listly with these apps. What content will you create?

View List on List.ly

Don’t forget to share your examples. What’s missing? What next? Tell us.

NIck Kellet (130 Posts)

Nick’s ventures range from a visual segmentation tool sold to SAP, to an award winning board game. Today, Nick is co-founder of Listly, raising the profile of lists to be on par with Slideshare & YouTube.