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Why Listly

For Blogs & Brands

Listly exists because people love numbered lists. Research shows blogs use lists more than slides & video.

We believe static HTML lists fail to delight today’s web visitors & that lists should fun & social (i.e. collaborative, interactive & embeddable).

Listly lists change beyond publishing, unlike slides & videos. It’s the ongoing social participation that keeps lists appealing to both humans & search engines.

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For Consumers

Lists are quick to skim & easy to share. Lists quickly validate & extend our knowledge on topics we care about.

Communities form around social lists, helping you find others that share your passions.

As people contribute, lists become trusted resources,  helping them get found more & so the cycle continues.

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How Listly Helps


Lists are a great way to organize & collect stuff that matters to you.

Make lists to save you time & be more organized i.e. lists brings you personal utility.

Using Listly brings utility to others by sharing what you know.

Start using Listly just for you, & over time you can explore collaborating to experience the the social nature of lists.

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Your Audience

Beyond personal use, Listly involves your audience in content creation. Call it curation, collaboration, participation, community or crowdsourcing.

It’s not what it’s called, but what happens, that matters most.

When people participate they connect emotionally with your content. This propels your ideas to be shared & extended, which will help more people find you & let more people contribute. This is the cycle of life that explains why Listly lists outperforms static HTML lists.

Fresh, relevant content is simply more appealing & keeps people coming back for more.

Content that keeps evolving & being shared over time ensures you dominate search terms in your niche.

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Your Website

Listly exists because humans love numbered lists. To quote Hubspot’s Halligan & Shah “Our species is drawn to numbered lists” via their book Inbound Marketing.

Fact: List posts get viewed & shared more than other content. Analytics drive publishers to create 30% of content as numbered list posts > “10 ways to …”, “7 things you must …” etc

So what’s the problem? Today, people want to participate & be social with the content they consume. HTML lists don’t cut it. Static lists decay & become irrelevant too fast,  they also signal that you aren’t listening.

Videos have YouTube, slides have Slideshare & now lists have Listly.

Listly makes lists collaborative, interactive & embeddable.

We help our customers – brands, publishers & bloggers create engagement right inside their list content. We blend Reddit’s crowdsourcing & crowdranking to create curated lists of content that you can moderate. We help our customers grow their investment in content by empowering their audience to engage, contribute, & keep their list content continuously evolving.

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