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Bookmarklet – The Quick Way to Add to Your List.

Using the Listly Bookmarket

Desktops & Notebooks

  1. Make sure your  toolbar is visible in your browser
    • Internet Explorer: It’s the Favorites Bar
    • Safari: It’s the Bookmark Toolbar
    • Chrome & Safari:  It’s the Bookmark Bar
  2. Drag this link Add to Listly to your toolbar
  3. To add any page to a list, click on the “Add to Listly” button on your toolbar

Watch this video if you need more help

Screencast Desktops & Notebooks


Bookmarklet on iPhone / iPad for Safari

  1. Make a bookmark on your phone (for any site – it’s just a placeholder) and name it “Add to Listly”
  2. Edit the bookmark & paste in the code below replace the placeholder URL & click “Done” to  save.

  3. Watch this video if you need more help

Screencast for iPhone / iPad for Safari


With Android devices you create the bookmark in the same way, but to use the bookmarkelt once created your search for it in the URL bar. In this example the bookmark has been named “Listly”. Our friends at Tweet4ok made these screenshots to show you the process. There might be slight variations depending on your version of Android.  You can find another example here


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