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Listly teams feature gets most requested update

One of the most requested features among pro users was better team collaboration.  Teams feature allow Pro users to add... Read More →

Listly Now Has Slideshows

We are releasing Listly Slideshow Layout today. Any list, including the ones you’ve already made can be slideshows. Here’s an... Read More →

Upcoming Design Changes to Listly Gallery Layout

Based on user feedback, we are making some big improvements to the gallery layout in a release coming up later... Read More →

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Listly exists because…

We organize our lives via lists. We love to skim stories like “Top 10 ways to …”.

List posts account for 30% the web’s content and 50% of viewed content. Lists are a great way to to communicate your ideas.

So why aren’t you using lists in your content marketing toolkit?

By utilizing lists and Listly, we help you get found. We amplify your ideas via your owned media sites, via Listly and also via 3rd party blogs, when your list is embedded.

Create useful social content, so bloggers can collaborate and embed your lists live inside their posts – think Tumblr reblog.

With Listly, great content earns you more attention, we make lists easy. Easier to reuse than to copy. Listly is YouTube for lists.

Traditional HTML lists are static. Listly lets anyone filter, sort, vote or contribute to your lists.

Use Listly to crowdsource and curate content as embedable lists, so you can aggregate opinion and distribute your ideas.

We help you get feedback and contributions to keep your content fresh and avoid list-rot.

Listly is Reddit for your blog, enabling community to form around shared interests.

You should use Listly to...

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