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Explore the contrast between static list posts and using Listly on your blog/website.

Listly is all about letting you and your community collaborate to create and embed list content inside blogs. We build and play on the fact that people simply love lists. We help source feedback and aggregate opinion. Most of all we help you get found.

The Life of a Static List Post

A static list post is published and forgotten

List posts come in many forms, but by their very nature they are fixed once published.

Lists are not first class objects of the modern web. Ideas are published “as is” and feedback is deferred to the comments section. Your list of ideas cannot evolve. We believe that is wrong and that people want to be given an equal voice by contributing to your list posts.

Static list content decays over time, not just in the mind of the consumer, but also in the eyes of search engines. Your list gets forgotten and will be found less often. We believe you should expect more from your content.
A static list is not tagged as a list to enhance search engine discovery, so your best content is lost inside a mass of unstructured text.

Using a static list also ignores the social signals your content can create. Sharing can impact your search rankings.

When your whole list post is shared, readers must find their own context and we believe that adds unnecessary friction. Sharing an item on a list carries so much more meaning.

Social Interaction Creates Live Content

When you make a list social…

Modern digital savvy readers expect to interact with the information they consume. So why are you not socializing your best content. List posts are proven to be the most findable and shareable content on the web.

We believe people want to sort, filter, vote and contribute to your ideas. We believe static list posts miss the chance to capture live feedback from your audience and to foster community around a shared passion

When your content changes over time and when people interact, you accrue more social proof. This ensures more people help to keep your content fresh.

Community forms around shared passions – ie the content of your lists. Only like-minded people will find the appeal, so your audience is self-selecting based on topic. A list can have high niché appeal.

By embedding a Listly, your content is more search-engine friendly. Your lists can evolve over time and the formatting of all your list content is protected as search practices evolve.

Your content is an asset that needs the right tools to protect and extend your investment. By enabling social interaction, you empower the crowd to have a dramatic impact on extending the lifecycle and lifetime value of your content investment.

We make your content easier to embed than to copy. We help remove the social friction to enable your ideas to spread and for you to receive credit and backlinks.

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